Learning to code

Dear all,

Were’s one question that bothers me recently like a mosquito in the summer night. I would like to know what programming language is the most in-demand, the best payed and relatively easy to learn for a beginner. The coding language to start from, to challenge myself as I have had no previous coding experience.

I do understand that nothing comes for free and learning coding languages requires a lot of time and effort. But in a longer prospective this could be a good retirement plan – sitting in your middle sixties near the ocean somethere in Portugal and coding for a living. Looks really like a plan to me, and I am kind of ready for the ride. :)

Just to make it clear – no, I am not escaping my current job in any manner, I am rather looking for a new interesting hobby, which is at the same time would be possibly useful.

So could you please name up to three programming languages worth starting from? Any comments regarding your choise would be highly appreciated.

Please share, Sincerely yours.